About Me

I am a PhD Candidate in the Government Department at Cornell University.

My research focuses on regime change and institutions. More specifically, I am interested in (1) the type of institutions autocrats use to remain in power, (2) the conditions under which they weaponize one institution instead of another, and (3) why do these institutional manipulations fail in some cases. My dissertation fits within this broader research agenda as it investigates the conditions under which incumbents weaponize judicial institutions and how these institutional manipulations sometimes backfire against them. I have a regional focus on sub-Saharan Africa and use a wide array of methodological tools.

I received a Master 1 of International Law from the Université Paris 2 Panthéon Assas and a Master of Laws from Cornell Law School.

After passing the New York Bar exam, I worked as a Human Rights Advocate for NGOs and trainee for law firms.

Originally from Paris, France, I currently live in Boston with my husband and our dog.


tg355 {at} cornell.edu

Department of Government
Cornell University
214 White Hall
Ithaca NY, 14853